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Residential Locksmith Services

We are the mobile residential locksmith that is superior in service.

Our locksmith service offers instant phone and email response, fast and speedy mobile service to your house, and very competitive pricing as well. One important locksmith service that we offer is a free security check of your entire home. The odds are that you will have at least one break in at your home someday, so this makes the locksmith very important to the security of to your home. With extra locks, a locksmith can help in the defense and security of your home.

Deadbolt Installation

Deadbolts added to your home is a great way to put extra security on your home. Cutting the holes to put the lock on may have to be done. Also, a key on both sides of the door may be desired if there is glass in the door. This glass can sometimes be broken from the outside by a thief and easy access can be gained. But with a double sided deadbolt that has a key on both sides of the door can prevent this. With the new technological advances, deadbolts now have keypads that can be operated by your smartphone or just with a push of a button. With or without a key you can operate your deadbolt lock. The locks can have a audit trail that lets you know when the lock was used to gain access and how many times. Codes can be quickly changed without rekeying the lock or having to be present at the lock with the advent of smart phone locks.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are another important access point for the criminal. Installing pins with a chain on it is a very effective way to secure your slider. Sometimes just tightening the locks on the door can help. We can add a keyed lock on most sliding glass doors too. Often, people want this type of door to be accessed from the outside with a key.

Rekeying Locks

Rekeying locks is the backbone of the locksmith profession. Whether you just moved into a new home and want a different key then the previous owner, or the key has been lost rekeying your locks could be necessary. For most locks they can be easily changed to a new key without having to replace them. We can be dispatched quickly and rekey your locks giving you as many keys as you desire.

High Security Locks

Some customers desire high security locks for their home. A very good high security lock that is used is made by Medeco. These locks are pick proof and are very difficult to drill open as well. These types of locks use very special keys too. If the price is too high for these types of locks, locksmiths can work with your current locks and make them more secure. Locksmiths can cut your keys a special way and add mushroom pins to the locks to make them more difficult to pick open. Locksmiths can also cut you do not duplicate keys to make it more of a problem for someone to duplicate your keys. So weather you purchase new high security locks or not we will give you the best option to fit your needs. Some locks at a less expensive price can also be very secure for your home.


Lockouts are another service we offer. People lock themselves out of their house, bedroom, bathroom, closet, cabinet, or even a special trunk or safe. We can open up any of these items and most of the time offer you a key or a combination to the lock. With safes, most of the time people forget or lose their combinations. People often get locked out because the lock can break. Even in this scenario a locksmith can help you get in and repair the lock. A key can also break off in a lock from time to time they can get a person locked out of his or her home.

Lock Repair

Lock repairs are another common service that we provide. Locks get old and need replacing or repairing. It can be a problem with the internal mechanism or even the outside cylinder where the key goes into. If the outside cylinder is not fixed when it starts sticking, the key can actually break in the lock. Most of the time the key can be removed from the lock, however; other times it can not and the lock must be replaced. Fire exit doors can be a urgent matter when they break or stick due to the fact if a fire was to break out. People, unfortunately, do not take their doors seriously until something goes wrong. Emergency exits must work properly.

Garage Door Security

Garage door lock security can be important due to the fact that the side door lock is usually hidden and a good access point for a thief. So a deadbolt could be a good solution to make this door much harder to break into. Furthermore, the code to the garage door opener may need to be changed. We can replace most lost or broken garage door remotes as well. Also, if you desire a deadbolt keypad lock to the side of the garage pedestrian door we can cut and install this type of lock. A smart phone lock keypad like a schlage could be a good option for the security of this door. There are many types of garage door openers and the most popular brands are Chanberlain, Liftmaster, and Craftsman. Most garage door locksmiths carry the garage remotes for these particular brands.

Common Lock Types

There are many types of locks. The most common residential locks are defiant, Kwickset, schlage, and baldwin. These locks are bought as deadbolts, knobs, and levers for the most part. Some are bought as keypads and smart locks. Kwickset makes a very unique lock that can be quickly rekeyed. Just put in the existing key turn it 90 degrees, push the little button in the slot, and insert the new key you want it to fit. And presto you have the lock rekeyed to the new key that you wanted. Schlage makes some nice designs for their locks and make a very good smart phone lock. Defiant is the most inexpensive but works very good on homes.

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