Encinitas Locksmith

Encinitas Locksmith

We are a full service mobile locksmith serving Encinitas, CA.

Abba locksmith is an established family owned business that has been in business for over twenty years.  We are here in Encinitas one of the 20 best surf towns in the world. We are the go to locksmith company to use in Encinitas to handle all of your locksmith service needs.

We are the leading locksmith company in our industry as you can see by our Yelp reviews. Because we’ve been in business for over twenty years we can confidently say there is probably no locksmith situation we haven’t come across and that we haven’t been able to resolve even with the evolving technology of this day and age. Here are just some examples of high technology services we provide, keyless entry gate, push keypad door lock, office etc. We can make transponder keys if keys are lost or if they need to be reprogrammed. We do electric strike door systems and whatever door system that would suit a customer’s needs. .

Not only do we just handle high technology security situations we handle all locksmith services appropriate to what the situation may require. Services we commonly handle on a daily basis are emergency lockouts automotive, car and vehicles. We handle emergency lockouts residential and homes. We handle emergency lockouts of commercial businesses, offices and anything that has a lock on it. We handle Lock repairs of cars, vehicles and automotive. We do rekeying of any lock you may have. We change locks We rekey vehicles, cars and all automotive. We can rekey any lock of homes residences, commercial and businesses, office doors, cabinets, file cabinets both traditional and high security. We can rekey safes if they are key operated and anything that has a lock on it. We at Abba locksmith any safe situation that might come up, from opening a safe that you are locked out of, changing the combination of your safe and changing battery packs on safes. Whatever safe situation that might arise we can handle it.

We at Abba locksmith are a family owned and operated business we are extremely personable and take pride in being a company of the highest integrity possible, it’s what we strive for and deliver. We care about the service we provide not only to have a one-time satisfied customer but to keep our customers lifelong customers which we do.

We at Abba locksmith have certified master technicians that keep up with all of the evolving technology of today’s time and age. All of our certified locksmiths are licensed and they go through an extensive thorough background check and are registered with the FBI because that is what the law requires. Because we are always striving to provide the best locksmith service in the industry we take quality control measures and often check in with our customers to make sure they are satisfied and our technicians have done the utmost professional thorough job.

Abba locksmith will always provide a free assessment and security check of your residence, home, commercial space and business to ensure that it is of highest safety, security and theft preventative. We at Abba Locksmith look forward to handling all of your locksmith service needs. Please feel free to call us with any locksmith questions or concerns we will be more than happy to take our time to help you out. We look forward to earning your business and handling all your locksmith service needs.

Locksmith services for your house, commercial business, or car.