Automotive Locksmith Services

Automotive Locksmith Services

We provide a wide variety of Automotive Locksmith Services

Do you need help gaining access to your vehicle? Did you lose your car keys and need a locksmith to make you a duplicate? We provide a wide variety of car locksmith services. Contact us now and we can answer all of your questions.

Key Replacement

We replace lost auto keys to almost every type of car. Many cars nowadays require programming due to sophisticated transponders found in the head of the key. Years ago before high security and transponder auto keys, locksmiths could either cut the key by a simple code found on the door auto lock or file and impression the key. Push button auto start keys have become a standard in the industry. Push button auto keys require a special programming machine and many different types of remote head keys. Some cars used a high security key and a remote head combination. High security automotive keys usually have grooves on the sides of the key which also requires a very intricate cutting machine.

Vehicle Entry

Unlocking cars when the keys are inside has not changed much. Similar car opening techniques from the past work for most of the cars today. A lot of newer cars a person cannot lock the keys inside of the car. The car senses the key in the vehicle and will not lock up. A tricky scenario that can happen is when the keys get locked in the trunk of the car. Sometimes an automotive locksmith has to make a key to the car if he cannot pick the trunk lock. Even with special picks it can be difficult to pick some auto locks. Putting 12 volts to the trunk lock release mechanism will often open the trunk up. If this does not work even removing the back seat of the car becomes the only option if they need it right then.

Broken Ignition and Auto Locks

Broken ignition and auto locks are another issue which occurs. Auto ignitions have to be drilled out in many instances when it malfunctions and breaks. Because to remove an ignition in a lot of cases the ignition cylinder needs to be turned in order to remove it. With auto door locks, the door panels need to be completely torn down in order to replace the door lock in a lot of cases. Sometimes it is a simple worn out key to the car that is the culprit. So the auto key can usually be cut by code or by the vin number of the vehicle. If the automotive key gets worn out it can cause more wear to the locks or even snap and break off in the ignition lock or door lock. Pulling a broken key out of a lock can be a difficult procedure at times. If you cannot pull the broken piece of the car key out of the ignition then you might have to drill out the ignition. Replacing the ignition is the next step.

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